Thursday, 30 November 2006


Today has been a slow one. Started off alright, with the doctor appointment and such. But then, things started to go wrong.

My mother gave me a lift to the doctors, as the beetle is nnot working properly (clutch cable or something is broke). So we went in alfie, the porsche. He is also very old. And i was kind of expecting things to go wrong...I was right, when i returned to the car after the appointment, he wouldn't start.

This was annoying, although more annoying for mother, as she needed to tidy the house, since we have guests this weekend. But, we phone the breakdown people, and began the wait for them to arrive. We did many things to make time pass quicker, we discussed harry potter. played I spy, and generally complained a lot.

After about an hour and a half. the breakdown people still hadn't shown up, So mother tried them again. The person said they had come, tried two car parks, couldn't find us, and left. Now, i struggle to see how they could check a car park of maximum capacity of about 8 cars...and not find a white old porsche. But these people, not very bright.

Anyway, they sent another man along (30 - 45 minutes later), and so my 10minute appointment turned into about 3hours. Which was annoying. Got home in time for neighbours though. which was nice.

The rest of the day has been spent reading harry potter and the half blood prince. I got quite emotional at the end. And now i dont feel like doing anything else today.

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Anna said...

Hey neily, long time no blog! Where've you been?