Thursday, 30 November 2006


Today has been a slow one. Started off alright, with the doctor appointment and such. But then, things started to go wrong.

My mother gave me a lift to the doctors, as the beetle is nnot working properly (clutch cable or something is broke). So we went in alfie, the porsche. He is also very old. And i was kind of expecting things to go wrong...I was right, when i returned to the car after the appointment, he wouldn't start.

This was annoying, although more annoying for mother, as she needed to tidy the house, since we have guests this weekend. But, we phone the breakdown people, and began the wait for them to arrive. We did many things to make time pass quicker, we discussed harry potter. played I spy, and generally complained a lot.

After about an hour and a half. the breakdown people still hadn't shown up, So mother tried them again. The person said they had come, tried two car parks, couldn't find us, and left. Now, i struggle to see how they could check a car park of maximum capacity of about 8 cars...and not find a white old porsche. But these people, not very bright.

Anyway, they sent another man along (30 - 45 minutes later), and so my 10minute appointment turned into about 3hours. Which was annoying. Got home in time for neighbours though. which was nice.

The rest of the day has been spent reading harry potter and the half blood prince. I got quite emotional at the end. And now i dont feel like doing anything else today.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Go to google, and type 'failure' into the search thingy, then click on... 'im feeling lucky'

I have made a new friend who loves harry potter as much as I. It is superb, someone to talk to about it :D

that is all.

Old cars

The car is breaking again. This is the trouble with old cars, they break a lot. I went to the doctor today after being told by mother that the gears dont work properly. Which they didn't. So i struggled to the doctors and back (actually made it back thankfully) without calling breakdown service, however, now i refuse to drive until she:
a) breaks
b) gets fixed
As i don't want to be in her when she stops working.

Sunday, 26 November 2006


This weekend has been quite the ... (can't think of the word, my mind is slow this evening) ... Eventful one. Yesterday i was in a good mood, excited and such. Wales were playing the might of the all blacks. Long story short, we lost. by quite a lot (45 - 10 maybe?). So the day started going downhill, then the pub i was in turned over and put arsenal vs bolton on. Arsenal were 2 - 1 down. Then bolton scored. Upsetting day of sport.

Then i got dragged out to the potters wheel by katharine (she was home for the weekend from uni). Which led to a little bit more drinking and sorrow drowning. Then we went to the monkey where it cost me £5 (that is far too much if you ask me) to get in. Once there, i felt ill and didnt move much, sat there drinking water all night until i was allowed to leave (stupid woman making guilt!).

Then i got home and slept, it was lovely. Apparantly i was noisy when i got home. not a surprise i was drunk.

Today i p layed football for a couple of hours (3or4) and that was fun, tiring though. Tonight the "oceans" episode of planet earth is on, so i look forward to that.

signing out.

ta ta

Thursday, 23 November 2006

The day of boredom

Today has been a boring day, I have felt ever so bored, even though i have dont more than i usually do in the day (unless i go play golf). It started off badly. I got rudely awoken by mother.

"I can't get the car started, can you come and move it for me?"

"What?! OK,"

*gets in car, fiddles ever so slightly, Brumbrum*

So then i went back to bed, but i couldnt get to sleep, so i read for a little while. then got up when harvey started barking.

The rest of the day passed in a similar fashion of me not wanting to do anything, yet being bored. I went to the doctor (again), then i came home and had reheated sausage curry (probably the highlight of my day). Then i fixed the beetles immobiliser. Which was harder than I first suspected. Then i walked harvey (losing two golf balls on the field..stupid long grass). The rest of my day consisted of me sitting down. doing nothing (blogging once or twice) and generally being bored and grumpy.

However, every second that passes, is a second closer to bed time, which is the best time of the day. Because i love to sleep. Whoot!


It is oh so very windy here in swansea today, from my window i can see the lone windmill across the bay. it is spinning at quite a high speed today.

I dont like wind, it is cold.

Big Van

I just looked out of the window to try and remember what i was going to type about. But i saw a big van pulling into our fairly small lane. Now the man is on our drive looking around for an easy way into our house. He does not appear to be very smart. They are delivering the new washing machine. That is good news, it means we will have clean clothes again, whoop.

I still haven't remembered what i was going to talk about. Rugby on Saturday, Wales vs New Zealand. It will be a hard day, i fear the worst for wales. We haven't beaten the all blacks since 1958 or something like that. Long before i was born anyway. Hopefully this weekend is the big one.

I just remembered what i was going to type, all day today i have thought it was Friday, I'm not sure why. But even when i stop and think "it's Thursday" a few moments later i forget, maybe it has been a hard week for me. I don't know why it has been a hard week, or if it actually has. Maybe i have just gone crazy, like my mother.

Turns out the men who had parked the van outside the house and appeared to be looking for an easy way in to our house, just couldn't find us (odd, considering they were parked right outside the house). Like i mentioned earlier, they don't appear to be very smart. Although they are big and strong, which is useful, since washing machines weigh a fair amount.

ta ta

PS. Maybe they aren't that strong either, they have dropped it a couple of times.

Tuesday, 21 November 2006


I played golf this afternoon with matt and scott. Since the pitch and putt down the road closes at 2, we thought that to save money, we would go down after it closed, since there would still be a couple of hours of daylight left.

Playing golf when the golf course is closed is technically more of a challenge, since the flags are removed, so we cannot actually see where the hole (or in scotts case green) is. So it was just a case of hit it straight, hope for the best. However, i seem to perform a lot better when there are no flags, maybe it is due to the lack of pressure, if there is a flag i have something to aim at. Whereas, when there is a large patch of grass (the green) I can be less accurate and just aim for straight line.

Turns out i am good when there is no pressure, i hit the ball straight and cleanly most times. Go me, at this rate I will be the next Tiger Woods.

Monday, 20 November 2006

Planet Earth

Last night, i watched the next installment of planet earth. This weeks episode was about Jungles. And it showed how everything worked together, and was generally self sufficient (50% of rainfall in a rainforest, comes from the release of water from trees and plants). And it made me think, are we (humans) really the most advanced species on the planet, In terms of brain power, maybe. But in general living, i think not. The monkeys and apes that lived in the jungle worked with the planet, not against it. We destroy pretty much everything we can (over fishing + dredging in the oceans, cutting down rainforests causing global warming etc...) Maybe it would have been better had we not evolved into the parasites we are today, and had stayed as the simple hunter/gatherer. Like the monkeys.

That is all.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Car troubles

I drive an old school beetle, called betty (pictures to follow). She was a christmas present from my father to my mother. But since i don't have a car, and need to get around, mother takes the other car during the week (I am only insured on the beetle). And in recent weeks betty has started to fail. I think she is depressed winter is coming, so is doing as much wrong as she can. Firstly, when my sister was visiting a few weeks back, betty broke down on her, then when we finally got her fixed (starting motor was broke), she was running ok, not as smooth but running. Now in th e last week she broke down once....but then, as the breakdown service was on their way, she started. Then, today, her immobiliser decided to break slightly, meaning father needed to do some magic with a bit of silver paper to get her going.

I am starting to think she doesn't like me, she works fine for mother.

So, if you are out and about in swansea, and happen to see a broken down white beetle, it is likely to be me.


Well, i got forced out of bed this morning by the district nurse arriving to change my dressing (I had an absess removed about 12 weeks ago, still getting it changed). After having my dressing changed, i saw that a letter had arrived for me. This was good news as i have been waiting all week for a response from the interview i had a week ago yesterday. However, the good news soon became bad news when it told me i didnt get the job. Thus disapointing me. I was pretty confident after the interview, but i guess there was someone better/worse than me that they thought would be suited for the job.

Now I am in a bit of a pickle. I have no other prospects, as there are few jobs around. I will have to look at really crap jobs. I don' t overly want to work in a kitchen, it's too hot and generally sucky work. But it may be the best choice. We will see.

During the dressing change this morning there was a lot of hailstones pouring out of the sky, which was blue. Quite confusing, how can a sky free of clouds pour hailstones down? i dont know. silly thing.

Anyway, im sure i will write more later (i had forgotten completely that i created a blog this morning. It wasn't until mother used hers that i remembered. Then i decided to whinge about not getting the job).

I deserved the job, i was/am ultimately better than most people.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Oooo, I'm a noob

Well, here i am, starting a blog. Not really sure why, as i have very little to say about anything. Should i say something about me first? I don't know.

I'm Neil. I live in Swansea, in Wales (UK). I am 21 and jobless.

Thats all you really need to know for now.

Right well, i don't know what these "blogs" are used for, my mother uses hers for well, very pointless things most of the time. Maybe i should to. First of all, Wales played in rugby again today, up against the almighty canada. was a good game, wales looked a bit shakey at times. but overall, managed to do what everyone (including the canadians) were expecting, and win by quite a margin (61 - 26), with fantastic performances from Shane Williams and Dwayne Peel.

Last night was a friends birthday, so went to monkey bar (night club in town) for a "stoner rock" gig. The first band (suns of thunder) were very good, but the second band were a bit too ... well crap. I didn't enjoy them much. After the nightclub we went to Steak by Night. so two friends could get 180z steaks. I settled for half a chicken (BBQ-ed, of course). Then back to friends house for few more beers and general drunkeness. I upset my mother throughout because i failed to tell her i wasnt going home. so she was worried. Oops. im sure she will forgive me soon.

Well, thats about all i have to say for now. I hope you enjoyed the first of many.