Saturday, 18 November 2006

Car troubles

I drive an old school beetle, called betty (pictures to follow). She was a christmas present from my father to my mother. But since i don't have a car, and need to get around, mother takes the other car during the week (I am only insured on the beetle). And in recent weeks betty has started to fail. I think she is depressed winter is coming, so is doing as much wrong as she can. Firstly, when my sister was visiting a few weeks back, betty broke down on her, then when we finally got her fixed (starting motor was broke), she was running ok, not as smooth but running. Now in th e last week she broke down once....but then, as the breakdown service was on their way, she started. Then, today, her immobiliser decided to break slightly, meaning father needed to do some magic with a bit of silver paper to get her going.

I am starting to think she doesn't like me, she works fine for mother.

So, if you are out and about in swansea, and happen to see a broken down white beetle, it is likely to be me.


Liz said...

We must remember to keep silver paper in her.

GatorUnit said...

or ust a little bit of metal to stick in