Saturday, 18 November 2006


Well, i got forced out of bed this morning by the district nurse arriving to change my dressing (I had an absess removed about 12 weeks ago, still getting it changed). After having my dressing changed, i saw that a letter had arrived for me. This was good news as i have been waiting all week for a response from the interview i had a week ago yesterday. However, the good news soon became bad news when it told me i didnt get the job. Thus disapointing me. I was pretty confident after the interview, but i guess there was someone better/worse than me that they thought would be suited for the job.

Now I am in a bit of a pickle. I have no other prospects, as there are few jobs around. I will have to look at really crap jobs. I don' t overly want to work in a kitchen, it's too hot and generally sucky work. But it may be the best choice. We will see.

During the dressing change this morning there was a lot of hailstones pouring out of the sky, which was blue. Quite confusing, how can a sky free of clouds pour hailstones down? i dont know. silly thing.

Anyway, im sure i will write more later (i had forgotten completely that i created a blog this morning. It wasn't until mother used hers that i remembered. Then i decided to whinge about not getting the job).

I deserved the job, i was/am ultimately better than most people.

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Liz said...

You did deserve the job - you are quite right! They are stupid people. It's a good job I can't get hold of them; I would tell them.