Friday, 29 December 2006


Today is the fifth day of my recovery process. During those five days i have had 3 meals...i think, and some of them don't constitute meals to me, as they were far too small. However, I have been feeling quite good today, and am tempted to say, I should be fixed for the new year eve party in town. If not, i will be most displeased.

My house has not been a happy house this christmas. Well, it has, but it has been an ill house. First my sister got it (just before christmas), then i got it on christmas, then my brother got it 2 days after christmas, now my mother has it today. Only people left are Father and Victoria (brothers fiancee). This being said, i fear New year will not go to plan for many of us.

On the happier side of things, i finally ate some chocolate today, my first bit all christmas!! But i must make sure i dont lose my head, it would be super if i could actually lose weight over christmas. I must'nt go and try to catch up. I need to be trim and slim. Got a wedding to go to this year (brother and victoria). Also need to find a date, which means i may need to be more trim and slim than i am at current.

The only advantage of being ill this christmas (i say only, there are 2) is that i got to lie about watching christmas films and other such crap. For example, i watched Jurassic Park 1 & 2, Back to teh future 1, never ending story, father ted xmas special, vicar of dibly xmas special, big quiz of 2006, and other such stuff.
Now most of you probably think 'being ill is not a reason to do can do that anyway'. But, being a social little thing, i usually spend my time out with friends drinking and such, therefore msising the classics. This year, with 2 friends ill, one too busy (for good reason) and one with a broken ankle, it has been a perfect time to sit and do bugger all.

Reason 2 for being ill = a good thing. Is that i got to spend time (be it ill time) with my family, which i rarely see, due to brother living in london, and sister living in exeter. That made me happy, as i didnt really reaslise how much i miss them when they are away. It is just a shame. we all got ill.

just realised. this is a long one. I wonder if you read this far. shall i put a picture in too?, it was taking too long to load.

Night night and a merry christmas to you all

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Christmas Day

Well, what can be said about christmas this year, it was enjoyable. However, it wasn't helped that i caught my sisters bug. Which started on christmas day, so i felt very ill, then threw up, and couldnt eat anything all day (No, i didnt have a single bite of christmas dinner!!!:() I wasn't too impressed, but i kept warm all day and coped.

I did get a big comfy leather executive chair for my bedroom. Which i am sitting on right now, i am still getting used to the sitting back and not being uncomfortable. Its lovely.

Harvey and Holly both enjoyed christmas too, although harvey spent most of the day lying down away from the action. good move by the old man. Here they are by the tree.

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Come sail away!

I went to the monkey last night for dubclub. was an enjoyable evening. I drank lots (most of it was free, as people kept buying me drinkings, I'm awesome). And made friends with many new people. A Spaniard, a Liverpudlian, and some rappers. that was cool.

I danced, and saw a couple of people from olchfa. and Kat was out and about and happy, which was good to see :) shes had a hard time of it as of late, so nice to see her enjoying herself properly.

Anyway, I have been hungover today, and played pro evo with my brother (who got home this morning) and Steve.

All in all, a good couple of days. out for a Chinese tonight too. woohoo

Friday, 22 December 2006

Christmas! Whoot.

Hello! I am awfully tired today, i had only 5 hours sleep last night. I drove my friends band to oxford and back for a gig they were playing. That was tiring, the fog was unbelievably thick, I had to drive slow a lot. Which made us get home late, and arrive at the gig 10minutes before they were due on stage (Plenty of time really!).

So yeah, that was fun, if not tiring.

This evening, i am going to see my friend katharine and her 2 uni mates. However, i fear i will last a very short amount of time. But still, it is only round the corner so its an easy walk home.

I started my christmas shopping today! (i hear some of you saying 'gosh thats late'), however, i also finished it today (now you are probably saying 'it's not possible'). However, i spent aboput 2hours in town, and i got all the gifts, as did my friend, and we went for coffee and sat around waiting for kat. Not a bad days work for someone who only had 5 hours sleep.

That's all i have to say really. I still intend to put pictures up at some point. not yet.....not yet.

Monday, 18 December 2006


Went to the monkey cafe last night, saw some good bands playing. was good fun.

people are home from uni today, so swansea will be full of friendly faces again.

Holly is hiding under the desk in the study. silly pup.

Saturday, 16 December 2006


It's Sunny! Woohoo. It has been raining all week, and Derek said that the weekend would improve, and it has. Superb news. Maybe golf? Or football? Although it is still very cold outside. So maybe neither. I'm not sure. We are getting our christmas tree today. 'About time!' i hear you all saying. We have never gone for the early decorations. I still don't feel very christmassy, maybe because i am dreading it. still have no money, although my sister offered to lend me the money to buy pressies, so i may have to take her up on that offer, even though i feel bad doing it.

Todays song - Fergalicious by, Fergie

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Sweet Escape

I am quite inconsistent with this blogger, sometimes i write lots in a few days, then sometimes i go for a week without writing anything. Odd that. I still don't have much to say now. But i felt like blogging.

I haven't really done much over the last week. I met Derek Brockway, and now have a signed picture of him. That was cool. (For those of you who don't know who Derek is, he is the BBC Weatherman for welsh lunchtime news). He has a book out, Scott told me it was an autobiography, but it was awfully small. I think it was just a book about weather. Which might be quite interesting, but then again, probably isn't. (I will post the picture once i scan it in).

Less than two weeks till Christmas! i still have done no shopping, and have no money. I have a plan though, so fingers crossed all follows it. We haven't got our Christmas decorations up yet, we put them up about a week (usually less than) before Christmas. Not sure why we do this, maybe it is because we use a real Christmas tree.

I found out from reading my mothers blog that the vet wasn't expecting Harvey to be alive by now. This was a bit of a shock to me, and not a nice one. Harvey is part of the family, he cant go anywhere. He may be old, but he struck me as invincible. I have never had a pet for this long, (14yrs or so), so I fear i will be quite the emotional mess when Harvey moves on. Humph.

My computer is breaking, the blogger can't keep up with my typing. This is why i have been using mothers PC most of the week (that and I have Xbox Live downstairs).

....for those that are wondering why the title of this post is 'the sweet escape', it was the song i was listening to when i first started writing it. It is from Gwen Stefani's new album, and is very good.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006


Well, i think it has been about 3 days or so since i last wrote. Maybe even more. Crazy eh. Not a lot has happened over the last few days. My friend came home from uni for a couple of days, because her mother is sick and depressed. It was quite surreal to hear some of the things that has been said by doctors/psychiatrists. It is all very bad and i am not very good at comforting or saying the right thing. But i tried my best, shoulder to cry on and what not.

Good news today though, i went to the doctors for my dressing change. And was told I am healed! finally the abscess hole has healed. Only took 3 and a half months. Grrr stupid long time to heal. Wasn't impressed.

I borrowed 'The Princess Bride' off my friend last night. It is a great film, absolutely amazing. And yes, i realise it sounds like a girly film, and it is about 'true love'. But There are giants, pirates and Spanish people too. It is amazing, i advise all to watch it.