Friday, 22 December 2006

Christmas! Whoot.

Hello! I am awfully tired today, i had only 5 hours sleep last night. I drove my friends band to oxford and back for a gig they were playing. That was tiring, the fog was unbelievably thick, I had to drive slow a lot. Which made us get home late, and arrive at the gig 10minutes before they were due on stage (Plenty of time really!).

So yeah, that was fun, if not tiring.

This evening, i am going to see my friend katharine and her 2 uni mates. However, i fear i will last a very short amount of time. But still, it is only round the corner so its an easy walk home.

I started my christmas shopping today! (i hear some of you saying 'gosh thats late'), however, i also finished it today (now you are probably saying 'it's not possible'). However, i spent aboput 2hours in town, and i got all the gifts, as did my friend, and we went for coffee and sat around waiting for kat. Not a bad days work for someone who only had 5 hours sleep.

That's all i have to say really. I still intend to put pictures up at some point. not yet.....not yet.

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