Monday, 6 August 2007

Gone - July 30th 2007

Well, I am back, and not with anything happy to say. I do not know if in an old post I mentioned Harvey. He was my dog and my best friend.

He died a week ago today. He was very ill and weak, and so he has passed on.

The last week has passed in a haze of misery, boredom and a lack of persona to talk to about it. Hence me returing here. Now, I do not intend to go on about it. As I doubt anybody reads this. Especially since it has been 5 months since i last posted.

Whilst my whole family has been pretty cut up about the whole situation. They have had someone to talk to, to cry with and to hug. I do not feel comfortabe enough with anyone (not even the family) to let it all out and get things off my chest. This has greatly effected me, I have avoided the house as much as possible, as every moment spent here is another moment of misery.

This is more than just losing a pet. This is losing the one person (I use person for want of a better word) I could sit down next to, hug, talk to and always brought a smile to my face. I will miss him like brother. 14 years that will be missed

To Harvey, the best dog and friend I ever had. Though his body may have passed, the spirit and the memories will stay with me forever.