Wednesday, 6 December 2006


Well, i think it has been about 3 days or so since i last wrote. Maybe even more. Crazy eh. Not a lot has happened over the last few days. My friend came home from uni for a couple of days, because her mother is sick and depressed. It was quite surreal to hear some of the things that has been said by doctors/psychiatrists. It is all very bad and i am not very good at comforting or saying the right thing. But i tried my best, shoulder to cry on and what not.

Good news today though, i went to the doctors for my dressing change. And was told I am healed! finally the abscess hole has healed. Only took 3 and a half months. Grrr stupid long time to heal. Wasn't impressed.

I borrowed 'The Princess Bride' off my friend last night. It is a great film, absolutely amazing. And yes, i realise it sounds like a girly film, and it is about 'true love'. But There are giants, pirates and Spanish people too. It is amazing, i advise all to watch it.


Eifion said...

excellent film have seen it lots of times and there is always something new to make you laugh as for being healed thats excellent news. onward and forward.

Liz said...

I bet your shoulder was well-appreciated and welcome.