Thursday, 23 November 2006

Big Van

I just looked out of the window to try and remember what i was going to type about. But i saw a big van pulling into our fairly small lane. Now the man is on our drive looking around for an easy way into our house. He does not appear to be very smart. They are delivering the new washing machine. That is good news, it means we will have clean clothes again, whoop.

I still haven't remembered what i was going to talk about. Rugby on Saturday, Wales vs New Zealand. It will be a hard day, i fear the worst for wales. We haven't beaten the all blacks since 1958 or something like that. Long before i was born anyway. Hopefully this weekend is the big one.

I just remembered what i was going to type, all day today i have thought it was Friday, I'm not sure why. But even when i stop and think "it's Thursday" a few moments later i forget, maybe it has been a hard week for me. I don't know why it has been a hard week, or if it actually has. Maybe i have just gone crazy, like my mother.

Turns out the men who had parked the van outside the house and appeared to be looking for an easy way in to our house, just couldn't find us (odd, considering they were parked right outside the house). Like i mentioned earlier, they don't appear to be very smart. Although they are big and strong, which is useful, since washing machines weigh a fair amount.

ta ta

PS. Maybe they aren't that strong either, they have dropped it a couple of times.

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Liz said...

Don't want to worry you but there's an old saying - Like mother, like son!