Monday, 20 November 2006

Planet Earth

Last night, i watched the next installment of planet earth. This weeks episode was about Jungles. And it showed how everything worked together, and was generally self sufficient (50% of rainfall in a rainforest, comes from the release of water from trees and plants). And it made me think, are we (humans) really the most advanced species on the planet, In terms of brain power, maybe. But in general living, i think not. The monkeys and apes that lived in the jungle worked with the planet, not against it. We destroy pretty much everything we can (over fishing + dredging in the oceans, cutting down rainforests causing global warming etc...) Maybe it would have been better had we not evolved into the parasites we are today, and had stayed as the simple hunter/gatherer. Like the monkeys.

That is all.


Liz said...

I have only just evolved beyond hunter/gatherer! I still collect blackberries, conkers and golf balls.

But you're right. It seems Man is the only creature to do such damage to a planet that was perfectly balanced.

rob hinds said...

very philosophical neil..

i havent had a chance to catch any of these as the last three weeks lord of the rings has been on and i have always got caught up in them - but maybe someone will get them for christams, i loved walking with mamals, that was boss.

if i had my time again i think i would like to work with animals, or be a wildlife photographer(or a treesurgeon or something).

Did you see points of view last night? some jackass had written in complaining about how the bbc didnt interven to help the elphants being attacked by the pack of lions, i mean, how stupid can they be? for one, thats nature, these things happen, and two, how is a camerman going to stop a pack of lions killing an elephant(apart from maybe offering an easier meal)

Anna said...

I find it pretty sick that you two communicate using Blogger, when there are but a few steps between you all day long. Nothing but Neighbours will drag you from your blogs, huh?

I saw penguins on Planet Earth the other week and thought they were great, apart from the mummy penguins who stampeded a baby penguin in their efforts to catch and adopt him. (Argument against adoption?) The baby penguin died. And one of the camerawomen intervened and pulled a different baby penguin out of a hole in the ice. Naughty? I dunno. Maybe they were just fed up of seeing the baby penguins dying. Plus, it was pretty cute. I would like a toy penguin, or a real one.

Rob: your time again? You're 24. Re-train!

GatorUnit said...

We don't communicate using blogger, we use msn mainly.

Planet earth is amazing. Oceans next week! that will be great. All the Attenborough (is that spelt right?) series' are great infact.