Thursday, 23 November 2006

The day of boredom

Today has been a boring day, I have felt ever so bored, even though i have dont more than i usually do in the day (unless i go play golf). It started off badly. I got rudely awoken by mother.

"I can't get the car started, can you come and move it for me?"

"What?! OK,"

*gets in car, fiddles ever so slightly, Brumbrum*

So then i went back to bed, but i couldnt get to sleep, so i read for a little while. then got up when harvey started barking.

The rest of the day passed in a similar fashion of me not wanting to do anything, yet being bored. I went to the doctor (again), then i came home and had reheated sausage curry (probably the highlight of my day). Then i fixed the beetles immobiliser. Which was harder than I first suspected. Then i walked harvey (losing two golf balls on the field..stupid long grass). The rest of my day consisted of me sitting down. doing nothing (blogging once or twice) and generally being bored and grumpy.

However, every second that passes, is a second closer to bed time, which is the best time of the day. Because i love to sleep. Whoot!

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Liz said...

Perhaps you kept thinking it was friday because there is pizza in the fridge.