Sunday, 26 November 2006


This weekend has been quite the ... (can't think of the word, my mind is slow this evening) ... Eventful one. Yesterday i was in a good mood, excited and such. Wales were playing the might of the all blacks. Long story short, we lost. by quite a lot (45 - 10 maybe?). So the day started going downhill, then the pub i was in turned over and put arsenal vs bolton on. Arsenal were 2 - 1 down. Then bolton scored. Upsetting day of sport.

Then i got dragged out to the potters wheel by katharine (she was home for the weekend from uni). Which led to a little bit more drinking and sorrow drowning. Then we went to the monkey where it cost me £5 (that is far too much if you ask me) to get in. Once there, i felt ill and didnt move much, sat there drinking water all night until i was allowed to leave (stupid woman making guilt!).

Then i got home and slept, it was lovely. Apparantly i was noisy when i got home. not a surprise i was drunk.

Today i p layed football for a couple of hours (3or4) and that was fun, tiring though. Tonight the "oceans" episode of planet earth is on, so i look forward to that.

signing out.

ta ta


Liz said...

I didn't hear you come in!

GatorUnit said...

Dad did. noisy i was...apparantly

Anna said...

Did you see Planet Earth? I thought the whales were pretty cool. And the surfing dolphins. And the weird pink and white sea-horses! Cool man.

You ought to get your diving certificate and see some in real life.