Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Today is the 1st of janurary. How exciting. Went to the monkey last night in the end, which was good, feared that everyone would drop out. But in the end only Katharine did, which is understandable. I was a bit upset at first, as Gray had said, 'if kat isnt going, im not going'. As there would have only been two of us. But i stuck to my guns, and said 'im going to the monkey, you can come if you want to.' Knowing that he would choose to come over going home to sit on his own.

In the end, i had an enjoyable night. Drank and was merry. Didn't talk to as many strangers as I had hoped. Being with only one person is a challenge, as I like a free reign in clubs, so i can wander off and talk to randoms and such. But because there were only two of us, he followed me everywhere. Like a lost dog. But I still had a good time. Saw Amear (might be spelt wrong), from school too. Hadn't seen him in ages.

New Years Resolutions: Get a job, get fit, find a girlfriend.

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope it is productive, profitable and most importantly, Enjoyable!

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